Merging Control and Telemetry

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Full standalone controller with optional IEC61131 programming in five languages..

Wireless telemetry and control in plants have become a necessity with the data acquisition requirement of modern plant control to lift performance and compliance. In-plant cabling costs often push the economic viability of peripheral plant data acquisition and control systems projects into the pending list of plant capex. The benefit of having the data and control is undeniable, but often too expensive to implement. Wireless control and automation provide a cost-effective solution and the technology is improving all the time.

Licence free wireless bands are extremely attractive for cable saving in the plant. Distances of up to 20 km are not uncommon, even with these low power transceivers. Omniflex Teleterm offers a range of compliant frequency band options to suit the global market. Omniflex has employed various methods of optimising their licence-free band wireless devices for maximum efficiency in a one unit fits all package. Other features include:

  • Full standalone controller with optional IEC61131 programming in five languages.
  • Optimised highly efficient radio communication.
  • Mixed I/O for small systems.
  • Standard Modbus protocol.
  • Standard RS-485 and Ethernet ports.
  • Powered from 9 to 30 VDC.
  • Standby battery options.
  • Solar power options.
  • Easy to connect to DCS or scada.

Applications include remote pump control, pump rotation control and condition monitoring, remote effluent plants with analytical instrumentation, dosing stations, environmental monitoring, water quality, remote flow monitoring and custody transfer systems.