The recent MRO Americas Exhibition and Conference in Atlanta USA proved to be the perfect opportunity for precision bearings and tooling specialists CARTER MANUFACTURING USA distributor Carter Americas to promote their range of high quality bearings and tools. This annual event, which focuses on commercial aviation Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) enables suppliers like Carter Americas to meet the growing demand as the global aviation industry recovers from the recent challenges.

Carter Americas demonstrated their value in the PMA bearing space market by displaying their range of needle, roller, and spherical plain bearings, all uniquely aligned for PMA and DER repairs. The demand for this niche service was evident with many existing and new customers being impressed with the combination of Carter’s manufacturing lead times, technical expertise and product quality for PMA bearings.

The event also provided new opportunities for future projects such as; main shaft turbine roller bearings, gear box roller bearings and a female threaded slot loader style rod end bearing project among many others, all of which fit Carter’s capabilities. Additionally, the significant increase in demand occurring in the MRO industry is resulting in increased interest for Carter’s specialist aviation products and services including; bearing swaging, cutting, proof load testing and torque test tools. Of particular interest was Carter’s All Access Proof Load Tool Kit which is an ideal solution for proof load testing bearings on-wing, or in challenging locations such as blocker doors and ailerons.

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