Precision bearing specialists CARTER MANUFACTURING are delighted to be building on their tier 1 supplier status in designing and manufacturing specialist aerospace bearing and tooling products for global aviation applications. A good example of this is a recent agreement with aviation giant Boeing where Carter Americas are supplying all-access proof load test torque testing tools, in addition to discussing options for also supplying swivel torque tools.

Designed and manufactured by Carters’ UNASIS division these specialist bearing tools offer solutions that were not previously available, helping to increase safety and the longevity of the bearings in service. Furthermore, Carter are proud to have partnered with Boeing in designing and manufacturing a custom turnkey portable proof load test solution to work across a range of over 30 of their most popular bearings.

The proof load test is a mandatory quality control process defined by a Boeing process specification BAC5435 which is conducted by measuring the axial deflection of the bearing housing under a defined load. If the bearings move more than 0.003 inches (0.0762mm) in either direction, the bearing installation has failed and must be replaced. These innovative (and essential) load test procedures underline Carter’s aviation bearing expertise, especially in proof load tools.

The key benefit of the All-Access style kit is that it is designed for the smallest possible tool footprint and it’s highly interchangeable. This specific load tool design was developed for the MRO market to enable the tools to fit into extremely restricted on-wing locations, such as blocker doors and ailerons. To achieve this custom miniature load cells were designed and manufactured on their proprietary behalf as this solution is not commercially available anywhere else. Boeing acknowledged this as an important advantage as it seamlessly translates to clearance restrictions on new manufactured components as well.

Additionally, the adaptor style design means the number of components are minimised for the largest possible range of bearings, thereby significantly reducing the cost for proof load tool kits capable of testing a wide range of bearings.

Carter hold a large range of proof load test tools in stock at their facilities in the US, UK and Spain to ensure rapid international shipment. They also offer custom design and manufacturing capabilities with AOG service for urgent programs.

In addition to Aerospace bearing tools, Carter also offer Custom Aerospace Bearings for custom projects or PMA programs.

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More at:  https://www.carterbearings.co.uk/