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New Acetal Plastic Spring Plungers from Rencol Components

Rencol’s Model 10 IP plastic spring plungers stand out as one the most versatile products in their range of standard components. Spring plungers are small, spring-loaded mechanical devices which are used as detents, for push-on and push-off applications, as ejectors in manufacturing equipment, for positioning and locating workpieces, and as roller devices for conveyor equipment.


Rencol offers three configurations, all manufactured with a stainless-steel internal spring for excellent strength and resistance to environmental contaminants.


For the greatest strength and durability, a stainless-steel body and ball is available, however for most applications a thermoplastic POM or Acetal polymer will offer a lower cost alternative while retaining high stiffness, low friction, and dimensional stability. Rencol’s Acetal bodied spring plungers are available with an acetal or stainless steel ball.


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