NGL Aqueous processes offer efficient cleaning

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Cleaning and surface preparation are critical for perfect quality of finished parts and selecting the right process has never been so important as customers seek better quality and performance for their coatings. Several parameters are involved and it is important to consider all the various options to get the best ultrasonic cleaning process.

The formulation of a detergent takes into account the substrate specifics as well as the impurities to be removed from the surface. The steps before and after the cleaning process are also critical to defining the process.

Even sensitive metal parts can be safely and efficiently cleaned in a water-based cleaning system without damaging the substrate and without using problematic solvents. This is done by using advanced protective additives.

NGL Cleaning Technology manufactures a broad range of ecological aqueous solutions that meet extremely demanding cleaning requirements which, until recently, were carried out only with solvents. All products comply with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards and many are suited to cleaning medical devices with biocompatibility validation tests, ISO 10993-18 in particular.

Environmental issues have also been an important driver in the development of these chemicals and the scientists involved in this extensive research and experiments at the Application Centre at NGL are also able to advise industrialists on the choice of method for managing their waste water.

In the UK, NGL is represented by Kemet International Ltd, who also offer a wide range of standard ultrasonic cleaner machines and bespoke, multi-tank cleaning systems. Tel 01622 755287 or email