Range of cable-to-cable connectors for harsh environments

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Mouser Electronics is now stocking the Deutsch DT range of connectors from TE Connectivity (TE). Engineered for harsh environments, the connectors are designed specifically for cable-to-cable industrial and heavy-duty vehicle applications. Offering field-proven reliability and rugged quality, these environmentally sealed transportation connectors are forged with thermoplastic housings and silicone seals to deliver a wide operating temperature range for extreme temperature and moisture conditions.

The Deutsch DT range consists of three series: the DT series, DTM series, and DTP series. The DT series of connectors are general-purpose solutions that allow designers to use multiple size 16 contacts within a single shell, each with 13A continuous capacity. The series comes in 2-, 3-, 4-, 6-, 8-, and 12-cavity arrangements and is available in 14 to 20 AWG. Mouser also stocks a specialised line of J1939/11-compliant DT series connectors to meet SAE requirements for 3-wire CAN applications.

TE’s Deutsch DTM series of connectors are multi-pin connectors with lower amperage. The DTM series offers multiple size 20 contacts within a single shell, each with 7.5A continuous capacity. The series is available in 2- through 12-cavity arrangements with sizing from 14 to 22 AWG. For demanding power application requirements, the DTP series offers the flexibility of using power contacts and addresses the need for multi-pin connectors with higher amperage. The DTP series offers multiple size 12 contacts within a single shell, each with 25A continuous capacity. The DTP series comes equipped in 2- and 4- cavity arrangements and is available in 10 to 14 AWG.

The three series in the DT range all feature rectangular housings with integrated latches for mating and offer in-line, flange, or printed circuit board (PCB) mounts. Mouser also stocks required corresponding wedgelocks that designers use to confirm contact alignment and retention.