Mouser adds connectors for harsh environments

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Mouser Adds Amphenol’s RoHS-Compliant ZnNi Connectors for harsh environments

Mouser Electronics is now stocking Gray Zinc Nickel (ZnNi) circular connectors from Amphenol Industrial. Connectors with this new light gun-metal gray plating are RoHS compliant and feature zinc-over-electroless-nickel shell plating to withstand harsh environments better than the previously released cadmium-plated connectors.

Amphenol Industrial Gray ZnNi circular connectors, available from Mouser Electronics, provide cadmium-free plating originally developed for harsh environments. The plating features corrosion resistance that is rated for 500 hours of salt spray and is compatible with other standard plating options. Gray ZnNi connectors offer shell-to-shell conductivity at less than 2.5 milliohms and a temperature range of ‑65 degrees to +200 degrees Celsius. The connectors are non-magnetic, so they can be used safely in magnetic environments in conjunction with non-magnetic connector shells. The Gray ZnNi connectors are now available in the 5015 style 97 series, AC Threaded series, and GT series as well as the 26482 Series II PT series. The connectors are ideal for – but not limited to – marine, electric vehicle, industrial, and power generation applications.