Retrofit metallic pillow block and flange bearing housings with igubal spherical balls

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Motion plastics specialist igus introduces igubal spherical balls that can be inserted into existing metallic pillow block and flange bearing housings within a few seconds. These bearings, which are often used in construction machines and conveyor systems, are exposed to harsh environments requiring regular lubrication and maintenance. The igubal spherical balls are injection moulded in the high-performance plastic iglidur J, which is self-lubricating. The retrofitted bearings therefore are maintenance-free. Another advantage is that due to the absence of lubricant, dirt and impurities can no longer adhere to the bearings. Thus, there is no long downtime of the machines and plant for maintenance.

The long service life of the igubal spherical balls has already been proven in a biomass chipper. The original metal bearings on the conveyor belt of the machine had to be lubricated each month. When the flange bearings were retrofitted with igubal spherical balls, the bearings remained wear-free for more than a year, without the need for lubrication and maintenance.

The spherical balls made of iglidur J are not only cost-effective, but also have a very low coefficient of friction. As the material absorbs only little moisture, the spherical balls are also suitable for outdoor use. In addition, the high-performance plastic is also chemical-resistant and therefore the spherical balls can be retrofitted in bearings used in chemically demanding applications, such as agricultural equipment.

The igubal spherical balls are currently available in six dimensions for housing number 204-210. On request, igus also manufactures spherical balls made of other iglidur materials. As an alternative to injection moulding, spherical balls are also available machined from iglidur bar stock. For more informal about igubal spherical balls, please visit: or call igus directly on 01604 677240.