SNP adds new nozzle base for fast nozzle changeover

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SNP’s new threaded MK4 nozzle base enables fast nozzle replacement in applications where the facility to change over nozzles due to wear or flow change is required.

The Mark 4 “Quik-Change” Nozzle Base from Uni-spray was designed for printed circuit board (PCB) washing but lends itself to any wash type usage where adjustment/orientation other than straight ahead is not required and space may be limited.

The Mark 4 is directly threaded into pipework and with a bayonet quarter turn connection the system can accept any of Uni-spray’s  “Quik-Change” nozzle tips. The tips are available in a huge range of spray angles and in flat spray, straight jet, full cone and hollow cone spray patterns.

Made from custom-blended polypropylene or Kynar by special order, the Mark 4 is impervious to most chemicals and has a low-profile design.

“Quik-Change” Nozzle Tip

Features and benefits of the Mark 4 Nozzle Base include:

  • Inexpensive
  • Low-profile design
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Impervious to most chemicals
  • Heat resistance to 130°C
  • Injection-molded from custom blended polypropylene or Kynar
  • Available with threaded connections in 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" and BSPT threads
  • Convenient replacement process to reduce maintenance downtime


SNP supplies the entire Uni-Spray “Quik-Change” system, a complete connector, nozzle holder and riser solution for use in facilities such as pre-treatment spray tunnels.  All products are available in a variety of chemically-resistant materials meaning the system can be used to spray even the most aggressive alkali de-greasers, phosphating agents and acid based cleaners.

The whole Uni-spray system is designed to make the maintenance and cleaning of large pre-treatment tunnels as quick and easy as possible.  The regular cleaning of tunnel spraying systems is essential to ensure efficient spraying and to reduce waste and product quality rejects. However, all such maintenance represents downtime and so there is always a balance between regular cleaning and the pressure to meet production deadlines.  As such, quick change systems such as Uni-Spray’s are an essential product feature for any busy pre-treatment line. They also serve to limit the time operators have to spend in what is a harsh chemical environment.

To read more about “Quik-Change” nozzles, visit the SNP website here for lots more information and advice or contact SNP on:

01273 400092