Specialty Fluids in the driving seat

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Cleaning and carrier fluids for fluorinated lubricants and grease.

At Fraser Technologies, we work with many leading automotive manufacturers, utilising Chemours Opteon™ Specialty Fluids (SF) to ensure that their systems are maximising efficiency…

Opteon™ SF solutions are suitable for use in a wide range of applications for vehicles, including:


  • Cleaning and carrier fluids for fluorinated lubricants and grease



  • Carrier fluid for adhesives



  • Cleaning engine and gearbox components



  • Bonding and cleaning of composites



  • Cleaning and cooling of EV battery



  • Cleaning and lubrication of bearings



  • Hydraulic system cleaning


Heat transfer and carrier fluids

The fastest and most effective way to cool a battery is direct fluid contact with a dielectric fluid, known as immersion. These fluids can either be used as single phase, pumped much like current heat exchanger systems, or employed as a simple two-phase system with condensing and evaporation. Immersion cooling using Opteon™ SF answers the need for a safe battery; it provides the most efficient heat transfer using non-conductive and non-flammable fluids while also enhancing safety.

Alternative liquids, such as PAO oils and silicone-based fluids are potential candidates, but the Chemours Opteon™ SF products provide up to 30% higher heat removal performance in a single-phase system. This offers a much more efficient heat transfer process as the coolant gets closer to the heart of the heat. Additionally, by using two-phased immersion cooling systems, the latent heat during phase change is significantly larger than liquid thermal conductivity and thus provides a more uniform temperature across the entire battery pack.

The Opteon™ SF range has been specifically developed with performance and environmental sustainability in mind. The Opteon™ product portfolio includes heat transfer fluids for many different applications and temperatures ranging from -90°C to 250°C. fluids are non-flammable, offer excellent stability and provide superior heat removal in dielectric applications, with an environmentally friendly footprint.

As vehicles continue to become lighter and faster and with more range, anything that brings additional space or weight is not an option. The Chemours Opteon™ SF solutions benefit from a small footprint and are lightweight compared with oil-based solutions. And, as the energy density is increased with this form of thermal management solution, less liquid – and so less weight – is required.

The commercial uses of Opteon™ SF10 specialty fluid include single phase specialty fluid for semiconductor manufacturing, brine coolant, dielectric fluid, fuel cells, reactor cooling fluids, heat exchangers, dryers, turbines, heat pumps, and test fluid for leaks in devices (i.e. bubble tests).


When it comes to cleaning potential, Opteon™ SF80 specialty fluid is designed to meet the high solvency needs in the industrial cleaning market. The commercial uses of this Specialty fluid include oil and grease removal, precision cleaning, high solvency defluxing, silicone removal, vapour degreasing and cold cleaning. Its exceptional solvency power (KB value = 103) makes it an ideal candidate for replacement of trichloroethylene (TCE), n-propyl bromide (nPB), benzene, perchloroethylene, methylene chloride, and other strong solvency fluids, where maximum cleaning power is a requirement.

Significant advancements have been made in industrial solvent cleaning, making specialty fluids a viable, safe and cost-effective option. They use eco-friendly chemistries, and are an effective alternative to older, hazardous solvents and those containing F-gases that have now been banned or restricted. Recent studies have also shown that in many cases, the solvent cleaning process is much more environmentally friendly than comparable aqueous processes. This is primarily due to having a GWP of <2.5, which is one of the lowest GWP figures on the market for this type of chemistry. Historically, other common F-gas solvents have had GWP figures of up to 11,000!

We are seeing time and time again that the latest generation of solvents are reducing our clients’ carbon footprint by 25% and using five times less power than previous aqueous systems. The old solvent technology has been reintroduced with a modern variant – they can be fully automated; they’re much safer for people; significantly reduce the impact on the environment; and they deliver unbeatable results.

The Chemours™ range of safe, environmentally friendly solvents has become widely accepted as best in class and are approved for use in a large range of standard cleaning systems. If you’re considering a new solution for oil and grease removal; precision cleaning; high solvency defluxing; silicone removal; vapour degreasing; or cold cleaning, Fraser Technologies is here to help with your cleaning requirements.

In summary, Opteon™ Specialty fluids offer numerous benefits. They are extremely safe; low cost in use; and offer an ultra low carbon footprint, while delivering exceptional performance. They are suitable for applications in the automotive industry, as well as aerospace, medical, optical, electrical and manufacturing.

We offer a one stop solution for advice, supply and support. Get in touch here if you would like more information about how specialty fluids can be applied to your business.