The Purrfect Spherical Polishing

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Medical Implants are currently in great demand with manufacturers being asked for ever higher standards of surface finish and profile accuracy. Kemet International Ltd has spent many years developing, perfecting and automating Precision Surface Finishing Processes, specifically for the Medical Industry. The Kemet Process Development Laboratories have been successful in developing Special Purpose Polishing Machines for a wide range of Medical Implants.  Our latest development, the KemiSphere II, a bench top spherical/ball lapper/polisher, laps and polishes spherical forms to better than five microns roundness with a mirror finish. The simple 2 stage process is both reliable and repeatable. The machine can process all joint sizes and materials up to 60mm in diameter (or 100mm with the floor standing version).  It can also easily be adapted for other round parts. The Kemet Tibial Polishing Cell has been specifically developed for finishing large production quantities of replacement Knee parts, such as Tibial Trays. A typical Cell contains Kemet Smoothing, Polishing and Cleaning Systems.

Manufacturers now have the added benefits of improved product quality, greatly reduced costs and faster production. All Kemet Polishing Systems, be they small manual processes or large fully automated cells are serviced and supported by Kemet. The Company is also a major manufacturer of polishing consumables and as such is able to take full responsibility for all aspects of production relating to one of its finishing processes.  Currently, all process development work for customers is being carried out free of charge.

Kemet’s ability to develop, supply and support such processes has made the Company a global leader in this technology.

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