USB source controllers and linear redriver improve connectivity of peripherals

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Mouser Electronics has new USB products from Texas Instruments (TI): the TPS25740/TPS25740A USB source controllers and the TUSB1002 USB 3.1 10Gbps linear redriver.

The TPS25740/TPS25740A and TUSB1002 meet many worldwide industry standards, help improve connectivity of peripherals by quickly and easily transferring data, and are suited for a wide variety of personal and consumer electronics, automotive and industrial USB designs.

The source controllers are USB power delivery (PD) devices that implement a source that is compliant with USB PD 2.0 version 1.2 and Type-C revision 1.2.

They enable up to three different voltages using USB-PD and are pin selectable in both voltage and peak power settings. Integrated into each controller is a set of protection features for high voltage and safety.

Target applications for these devices include data-less USB-PD adaptors, dedicated charging ports and power banks.

The TPS25740/TPS25740A source controllers are supported by evaluation modules, which are also available from Mouser.

The TUSB1002 is the industry’s first dual-channel USB 3.1 Gen 2 redriver and signal conditioner. Delivering reliable communication in a broad array of electronic applications, this ultra-low-power architecture device helps reduce idle power consumption through the use of USB 3.1 low-power modes, and features a linear equaliser with 14 settings that compensates for signal path losses.

Supporting USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5Gbps) and Gen 2 (10Gbps), the TUSB1002 offers dual-lane implementation and a small package size, as well as  equalisation performance to help system designs pass standard USB compliance.

The TUSB1002 linear redriver is supported by an evaluation module, also available from Mouser. It is suitable for notebook and desktop computers, TVs, tablets, active cable, cell phones and docking stations.