The VFG Digital Force Gauge is a powerful digital force gauge, packed with unique features and an easy-to-use touch screen interface. This enables easy navigation.

It is a handheld device suitable for rough environments to deliver accurate and reliable measurements. The device can be used for tensile and compressive testing in the field or as part of a testing system for use in production, quality control and research and development laboratories.

Vector OS software is the main highlight of VFG. Users can configure the gauge according to their needs, analyse test results quickly in the field and customize the touch screen interface.

Featuring capacities ranging from 2.5 to 2500 N (0.5 to 550 lbf), the VFG can be used for a wide range of industrial applications. All models are highly accurate to ±0.1% of full scale with readings displayed in all common measurement units — kN, mN, N, kgf, lbf, gf and ozf.

In addition to being used for push and pull tests with its internal load cell, the VFG also serves as a universal display for external “smart” force and torque transducers. In this way, the users can expand the capabilities of a VFG by connecting additional sensors to a Smart Adapter, that allows tension, compression and torsion to be measured, all using one gauge.

The VFG offers a variety of test features and data analysis capabilities:

  • Maximum and First Peak modes — users can register the key values from the test
  • Graphing mode — produces a live curve on the display to help identify vital events during the test
  • Fast internal sampling at 5 MHz enables a data-acquisition rate of 2,000 times per second, thus ensuring sudden break-force readings are captured accurately
  • Visual pass/fail alarms — operators are alerted immediately when testing
  • Overload warning — reduces the risk of accidental damage to the load cell
  • Statistical summary — displayed readings can be stored in built-in memory for statistical analysis within the gauge
  • Expandable external memory — all the raw data points can be saved on a 32 GB micro-SDHC card so users can test quickly and download results later
  • Data can be directly output to a PC or printer for further analysis
  • Users can mount the gauge to test stands and connect to external load cells and torque sensors — outstanding versatility makes it ideal for various applications

The 5″ color touch screen features an intuitive interface that simplifies operation and provides quick access to configuration menus and advanced tests. Users can also configure the display to show only the options they want to see. Pinch and zoom option makes the live graph expandable.

Rugged aluminium housing that is shaped to fit the hand makes the VFG a hand-held device that can be used anywhere. Due to its ease of attachment to a motorized stand, this tension and compression tester is an affordable option for testing requirements that require optimum repeatability. Alternatively, users can also integrate this powerful force gauge into their own custom test rigs.

The device is supplied in a robust carry case with standard accessories, including a USB-C charging cable and a USB-C to USB-A adapter, and is powered by a lithium-ion battery. To protect the gauge from accidental damage, a removable rubber bumper is included.

A calibration certificate traceable to national standards is included at no additional charge — ensuring full compliance with external audits.

Tension and compression tests can be performed just about anywhere, making it the solution of choice for factory or outdoor testing.

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