MultiTest-xt Motorised Force Tester

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Mecmesin’s MultiTest-xt is a versatile tensile and compression tester controlled by software running on a touchscreen console.

With the MultiTest-xt, tension & compression tests are performed at the push of a button, making it ideal for routine quality control of a wide array of products, materials & components. It is specifically designed for environments where throughput, productivity and minimal training are vital and where the use of a computer is not always suitable.

Available in single-column and twin-column models the MuliTest-xt can be fitted with a wide range of tensile grips, bend jigs and compression fixtures for measuring tension and compression from as little as 2 N right up to 50 kN.

Key features:

  • Password protected log-in - identifies operator for full traceability
  • Fast access to 5 favourite tests - customised icons ensure instant test selection
  • Unlimited library storage of test methods - minimises set-up time
  • Easy-to-use with minimal training - ‘Simplicity itself’ one button launches the test
  • Large, easy-to-read touch screen display - clearly shows Test Results and Graph
  • Colour-coded indication of ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ - immediately alerts the operator
  • Test Report - print a comprehensive report of results tailored to your needs
  • Easy programming - intuitive menus guide you through creation of test routines
  • Customised reports - create your own tailored report
  • Choice of 3 program modes:
    • ‘Quick Test’ for basic force testing
    • ‘Program Test’ for standard test routines
    • ‘Advanced Test’ for sophisticated test routines
  • Rugged construction - ideal for Production and QC Lab Environments
  • Simple touch screen interface - no separate computer required
  • 1000Hz data sampling rate - ensures accurate capture of peak loads
  • USB output - save test routines and results to a memory stick or network
  • Flexible - ‘plug & play’ for easy interchange of loadcells
  • Wide range of test stands – 7 capacities from 500 N to 50 kN

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