VRBG load ring has 100 per cent working load limit

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The VRBG load ring on plate for bolting offers a range of advantages and lifting options for the user. First, it can be supplied with four bolts, offering a working load capacity of 10-16 tonnes, or it can be supplied with six to eight bolts with an impressive working-load capacity of 31.5-50 tonnes.

It can be loaded at 90° to the vertical with a full working load limit, the suspension ring pivots 180° and offers a safety factor of 4:1 in all load directions. The VRBG is operational from -20° to plus 350°.

The RUD patented wear marking indicator helps highlight when the lifting equipment is no longer fit for service and needs to be replaced. Therefore, offering an ultimate safety factor to the user.

The VRBG is easy to assemble and has 100 per cent working load limit at 90° in the load ring plane. The minimum working load limit in all directions is clearly marked and the RUD bolts are available as spare parts.

The VRBG is typically used across heavy engineering, shipbuilding, turbine lifting, steel structure assemblies and in lifting and final positioning of new machinery.