Diabetes software available free to UK practitioners

A new software tool designed to help clinicians prescribe appropriate treatment for Type 2 diabetes in adults is now available free to UK healthcare professionals.

Developed at the Department of Medicines Management at Keele University, the software prompts a practitioner with a series of multiple-choice and closed questions, after which it creates an individual patient profile and makes the appropriate prescribing recommendations.

The tool also provides the rationale behind each recommendation and highlights common treatment side effects and drug costs, as well as making recommendations on the management of blood pressure and lipids.

Once installed, the tool is kept up to date via automatic online updates.

Stephen Chapman, professor of Prescribing Studies at Keele University, said: ‘With the growing number of anti-diabetes agents at our disposal, we anticipate that this intuitive tool will easily guide the prescriber through what may otherwise be a complex procedure.’

The Type 2 diabetes management decision-support tool was developed with the support of a financial grant from Takeda UK. It is available free to download here.

Alternatively, if UK healthcare professionals would like to receive a CD-ROM copy of the decision-support tool, they can complete a request form here.