Drug delivery unit noses ahead

A breath-actuated nasal delivery device could revolutionise the treatment of conditions including Parkinson’s disease, rhinosinusitis and sexual dysfunction.

The multi-dose, bi-directional system, developed by Norwegian drug delivery company OptiNose and Cambridge Consultants, is based on existing OptiNose technology that delivers drugs to parts of the nose that standard nasal sprays are unable to reach, while preventing drugs from reaching the lungs.

As the patient breathes into the device, exhaled air actuates the device. The airflow created carries the spray droplets into the nose and upper posterior nasal passage beyond the nasal valve to the sinus region.

Current systems do not reach this area, it is claimed.

The process of breathing out automatically closes the nasal cavity, preventing drugs from entering the lungs.

The device, which should enter clinical trials next year, will be able to carry up to 120 doses in a single unit.