Durable protection

GE has launched a new silicone-based weatherable hardcoat system for automotive applications.

Automotive customers who choose to differentiate their product offerings with plastic rather than metal designs no longer have to sacrifice durable aesthetics and performance.

With the launch of its silicone-based AS4700 hardcoat and SHP470 basecoat grades, GE Advanced Materials offers automotive designers and customers an added degree of protection for the appliqués, mirror shells, sunroofs, vent grills, and black polycarbonate (PC) exterior trim sported by many of today’s cars.

These parts have been traditionally susceptible to fading and cracking after extended exposure to harsh in-use environments. Combined, GE’s AS4700 hardcoat and SHP470 primer can now be used to create a protective surface with a durable, high-gloss finish, potentially extending the life of the components.

The two thermal-cure-coatings that comprise GE’s AS4700 hardcoat system incorporate a new generation of UV absorbers for enhanced protection against the sun’s rays. The high-gloss finish provided by the coating is maintained through resistance against abrasion and chemical degradation. According to GE, this new hardcoat system can last two- to three- times longer than commercially available thermal hardcoat systems on the market today.