Fire away

Meggitt has secured a contract to supply its fire protection system on board Bombardier’s new business aircraft, the Learjet 85.

The system is an integrated package of fire-detection equipment and Pacific Scientific fire-extinguishing components to protect the engines, auxiliary power unit and cargo compartments of the aircraft.

According to Meggitt, its latest package works by using algorithms that can differentiate between true and false alarms. It also provides a modular approach to system integration that is claimed to reduce programme development risks for aircraft manufacturers.

Chris Larsen, vice-president of marketing and programme management at Meggitt Safety Systems, explained: ‘Meggitt has a legacy of fire-detection components and subsystems on 90 per cent of Western commercial aircraft in service.

‘Now, with this demonstration of enhanced level of system engineering activity wrapped up in a single package, we can maintain Meggitt’s position as a leading supplier of fire-detection and protection systems to the global aircraft market.’