New high performance beryllium copper battery springs, REDUX wave springs, constant force springs and more sizes of stainless steel Lite Pressure compression springs have been added to Lee Spring’s latest catalogue due to be released in May 2009.

The new product listings amount to hundreds of additional items that swell the catalogue to 172 pages containing over 16,500 different types of spring including compression, extension, torsion and Belleville spring washers plus engineers spring selection kits.

Battery springs provide fast, efficient and reliable contacts. Beryllium copper, one of the hardest, strongest and most hard wearing copper alloys, improves the physical properties of the springs while a silver coating enhances electrical and thermal conductivity performance and makes soldering easier.  These high performance battery springs will appeal to engineers who are developing devices where exceptional endurance and ruggedness are key requirements. The springs supplement an existing range manufactured from nickel coated music wire to match the nickel plated containers used for most alkaline batteries.

All the battery springs come in four mounting configurations – interior, exterior, adjustable, double – and are designed to adjust to varying battery lengths and provide secure, low contact resistance and dependable connections. Custom designs can also be produced.

Over 200 new sizes of REDUX wave springs have also been included and extend the maximum hole diameter in which they will operate to 44.45mm (1.75ins). Wave springs perform a similar function to compression springs but they take up to approximately 50% less compressed height. Manufactured in stainless steel type 17-7 PH these springs offer optimum performance in static or slightly dynamic applications where space is critical or where radial and axial tolerances are tight.

Manufactured from high yield 301 stainless steel strip constant force springs exert a near constant restraining force. The springs are usually tightly coiled on a drum and either the free end or the drum can be attached to the load. Four life cycle ranges are offered covering loads from 1.02 to 73.42N (0.23 to 16.50Ib). Typical applications include counterbalance springs, car seat belt and cable retractors mechanisms.

200  more sizes of the company’s Lite Pressure compression springs in type 316 stainless steel have also been added. Designed to meet demands for compression springs combining low spring rates with large diameters these high index springs deliver from 7 to 35kPa pressure @ 80% deflection. Typical applications include valves, pistons, syringes, motor brushes, dispensers, contacts and toys.

Lee Spring’s custom spring design and manufacturing service has also been strengthened with a dedicated email and technical team in place to handle the provision of tailored solutions. Full details are included along with a suite of reproducible specification forms for spring variants covering compression, extension, torsion, conical, swivel hook, drawbar, battery, wave, constant force and Belleville spring washers.

Completing the catalogue are several data pages featuring a specifications and tolerance guide, glossary, geometric solutions, conversion data and mathematical symbols.
The breadth of choice in the new catalogue confirms Lee Spring’s position as the leading global supplier of springs.

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