KBA-Metronic Sleeve Feeder with labeller — for spot labelling applications

If you work with the major food retailers and need to code your sleeves and watch strap bands with use-by dates and spot promotional labels, then the KBA-Metronic UDA150-S sleeve feeder is perfect for you.

The KBA-Metronic UDA 150-S stack-to-stack feeding system can be integrated with most coding and marking technologies and is a proven solution for the offline coding of sleeves, cartons and watch strap bands in the food industry.

Now available from PrintSafe Ltd, exclusive KBA-Metronic partner for the UK and Ireland is a sleeve and sleeve feeding system designed specifically for integration with self-adhesive labellers.  Sleeves and cartons are fed through the feeder at speeds of up to 250 metres per minute, and are precisely matched by the labeller for accurate label positioning. This combination of feeder and self-adhesive labeller is ideally suited to applications for promotional labels on watch straps and sleeves including BOGOF offers and similar promotions run by the supermarkets.

In addition to self-adhesive labellers, the KBA-Metronic sleeve feeder can be integrated with additional print devices including the KBA-Metronic ttPRINT thermal transfer printer, KBA-Metronic hot foil printers and the KBA-Metronic alphaJET range of continuous ink jet printers.

For further information: PrintSafe Ltd 01962 761761 or visit the PrintSafe website www.printsafe.co.uk

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