Last week’s poll: Renegotiating Britain’s position in the EU

David Cameron wants a better deal for Britain in the EU and has set out number of objectives to protect what he sees as the nation’s best interests, including protection of the single market for Britain and other non-Euro countries, cutting red tape, and increasing competitiveness. With which one of these statements did you most strongly agree?

Just over a third (35%) of respondents to our poll took the view that Cameron should be wary of alienating foreign investors wanting to use British skills and know-how as a springboard into the EU, and just under a third (30%) agreed that industry is so heavily entrenched within the EU that its relationship within it should remain unchanged.

Under a quarter (24%) took the view that the terms of Britain’s EU membership need to be renegotiated to reduce regulatory burdens (14%), with the remaining 10% agreeing that the PM should put his efforts into an all-out exit from the EU.

Of the remaining of respondents, 9% thought the PM was merely posturing and 2% did not agree with the options presented to them.

Renegotiating Britain's position in the EU

 What do you think about the PM’s stance and the UK’s place in the EU? let us know below.