Marking with the G3 Pulsed Laser

Lasers have now been used for several years to make marks on a range of materials from metal and glass to ceramics and even food. Lasers are taking an increasing share of the market away from other methods such as machining, printing and chemical etching.

These can be used for a wide range of applications (Figure 5).

The 10W & 20W/RM are entry level products effective for a number of applications.

The 12W & 20W/HS provides a full range of features that make the lasers suitable for a wider range of applications. The 20W ST has the same benefits but operates over a greater temperature range making it ideal for hotter climates.

The 30W/HM has a higher mode with a broader energy distribution and also has greater peak power for higher area coverage applications.

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SPI Lasers’ G3 Range offers great versatility and unparalleled quality which can provide the perfect laser for the desired application(s.

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