Meggitt puts on display for Learjet

Meggitt has won the contract for a fully integrated standby instrument system on the Learjet 85 aircraft, Bombardier’s new composite business jet.

The standby system, which comprises Meggitt’s new-generation integrated secondary flight display (iSFD) and magnetic heading sensor (MHS), provides an independent display of aircraft attitude, altitude, airspeed, heading and navigation data.

The displayed attitude information is sourced from internal inertial sensors; heading data from the remotely mounted MHS; and air and navigation data from other systems.

The iSFD, which will be mounted on the Learjet 85 aircraft’s flight deck, is the latest development of Meggitt’s Mk2 secondary flight display system.

The MHS is a microprocessor-based unit that generates ARINC 429 magnetic heading messages based on the Earth’s detected magnetic field. The MHS is designed to withstand the lightning-induced transients, HIRF (high-intensity radiated fields), plus audio frequency and induced signal susceptibility required for modern aircraft.