Military mule

Defence vehicle engineering specialist Roush Technologies has announced an intensive international user trials programme to demonstrate the latest variant of its 6×6 lightweight air-portable vehicle.

The new variant from the Brentwood, Essex-based company is based on a similar design already in service and has been configured initially as a Battlefield Mule for close infantry support and casualty evacuation. The design is said to be adaptable for a range of other duties and applications.

The base vehicle platform weighs 750kg and can carry payloads up to 1,450kg. The unit is also compact enough to be internally transportable within certain fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft.

Bill Waddell, Roush business development manager, said: ‘Troops now on active operations in theatre can have to carry up to 80kg of kit – in both arduous terrain and difficult climatic conditions.

‘One area of thinking behind the new variant high-mobility Roush platform is that it could be deployed to accompany and support a typical small patrol. It could carry the bulk of their personal kit, plus required ordnance and supplies – and leave troops less fatigued and better prepared for action.

‘In the event of injury, two side-mounted quick-release stretcher modules can be deployed for casualty evacuation.’