New high temperature gland packing cuts maintenance costs for valves and pumps

Stockholding and operating costs at power stations, processing plants and many other industrial sites will be effectively reduced with Supagraf® RibbonPak SC, a superior quality gland packing from James Walker.

Totally carbon-based, this new product provides high integrity sealing for steam valves at high temperatures and pressures. It also works as a long-life gland packing for high speed rotary pumps that handle condensate, process water, chemical solutions or slurries.

Explained product manager Andrew Goulding: “We plait the length-form packing from high purity expanded graphite ribbons reinforced with carbon fibre. This construction gives strength and extrusion resistance, whilst allowing the packing to densify for high integrity sealing. It is also flexible for easy installation and conforms readily to housing irregularities.”

Supagraf RibbonPak SC is chemically inert in the range pH 0-14, excluding strong oxidising agents. It works at up to 650°C in steam or 450°C in oxidising conditions. Maximum system pressure in valves is 250bar. In rotary pumps it works at up to 20m/s shaft speed or 25bar system pressure.

“This product directly replaces many different graphite foil packings and moulded rings used on pumps and valves across a site”, confirmed Andrew Goulding. “Maintenance stockholding levels are therefore reduced — especially as Supagraf RibbonPak SC has an extended shelf life and will not harden with age.”

It is supplied in all popular sections from 3mm to 25mm, boxed in 8m lengths, or as moulded rings, split preformed rings and sets.

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