New stock spring catalogue

Lesjöfors, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of springs, has launched its largest ever standard stock springs catalogue.

The company has produced its new 228-page A5-sized catalogue, which presents each spring type in a separate section. These include springs such as: compression, die, vibration, extension, coil lengths, torsion, constant force, disc, gas and, tool gas springs.

Also included in the publication are sections on spring components including: clips, locking pins, spring sockets, end fittings and spring washers.

The Lesjöfors Stock Springs catalogue features, for the very first time, a section on 3D CAD model diagrams, which can now be downloaded via the internet. According to a statement, the introduction of 3D modelling has allowed Lesjöfors to offer quicker response times, allowing customers to identify and familiarise themselves with the products they require.

A comprehensive technical information section is situated at the back of the catalogue, while also new is a section on spring materials, which examines both standard spring steels and super alloy materials.