Opti-Wall Kiosk Improves Access for the Disabled

Rittal Opti-Wall kiosk offers a compact wall mounted interactive terminal that is sympathetic to the needs of the disabled.  Offering easy accessibility for wheelchair users, less able-bodied people and meeting all government guidelines, Opti-Wall is modern, stylish and suitable for all indoor interactive applications.

Manufactured from steel, stainless steel and aluminium, the kiosk provides ample space beneath the control panel of the terminal for the footrest of a wheelchair.  An adjacent rail to the kiosk can be used for the storage of walking aids while the kiosk is in use.  With the aid of a touch button the terminal can be quickly adjusted to the relevant height for the user.  The design of the terminal ensures that the pathways always remain clear and uncluttered. 

Opti-Wall is available with either a standard PC or silent system which uses a noise and heat loss reducing design, dispensing with the need for active fans for the power pack and cooling unit.  The internal space provides all the advantages of the successful Opti-Line family including keyboard support, 15” or 17” TFT displays, touch screens, and an active sound system with two integrated speakers for multi-media purposes.

Rittal offer all kiosks as empty enclosures or as complete systems.  Through a Rittal Service Package individual software solutions can be integrated into the kiosk offering complete modularity and flexibility.

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