Point of load

Texas Instruments has launched a family of non-isolated, plug-in power modules.

Texas Instruments

has launched a family of non-isolated, plug-in power modules with a new technology that provides fast transient response rates and reduces customers’ need for output capacitors.

Featuring a 1.5 percent output voltage regulation, the point-of-load modules are targeted at designers of 3G wireless infrastructure, networking and communication systems that use DSPs, FPGAs, ASICs and microprocessors.

Extending TI’s line of PTH devices, the T2 series of point-of-load modules will support step-down DC/DC conversion from a wide 4.5V to 14V input with adjustable output voltages down to 0.7V at output currents up to 50A making them suitable for intermediate bus architecture (IBA) applications.

The T2 power modules feature a new TurboTrans technology, which allows a power supply designer to dynamically “tune” the modules using a single external resistor to meet a specific transient load requirement. The end-result is faster transient response with 40 percent less output voltage deviation and a five to eight times reduction in output capacitance. In addition, system stability is enhanced when using ultra-low equivalent series resistance (ESR) polymer tantalum or ceramic capacitors.

In addition to TurboTrans technology, the T2 modules incorporate a SmartSync function that allows the designer to synchronize the switching frequencies of multiple T2 devices to maximize power efficiency and minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI). SmartSync also allows the T2 modules to synchronize at different phase angles using external circuits to help balance source loading and minimize input capacitance. The synchronized modules also make EMI filtering easier by eliminating beat frequencies.

Additional features of the T2 modules include TI’s proprietary Auto-Track sequencing technology, which allows multiple modules to power up and down in sequence without external circuitry. The Auto-Track sequencing feature permits non-isolated power modules to track each other or any external control voltage. Meeting 260C re-flow requirements, the T2 series also provides advanced pre-bias startup capabilities.

The T2 power modules are now available in sample quantities. Pricing per module in quantities of 1,000 begins at $7.90.