UK and US leaders agree to strengthen educational links

A joint statement agreed today by Prime Minister David Cameron and President Barack Obama is expected to strengthen collaboration in science and higher education between the UK and the US.

The agreement will see the UK and the US increasing the links between their higher-education institutions, including through increased post-graduate student and researcher-exchange programmes.

According to a statement, the countries will also collaborate on a number of research projects and together embark on a programme to create the world’s first combined space weather model.

‘Our most productive science and higher-education relationship is with the US and we are determined to strengthen it further,’ said universities and science minister David Willetts. ‘As globalisation gathers pace, international co-operation in these areas has become even more important to boost Britain’s economic growth, and they are a key part of our overall relationship with the US.’

As part of the agreement, US company Johnson & Johnson and its company Janssen will invest £5m in a partnership with six British universities to undertake neuroscience research.

Similarly, up to £1m of UK funding will be made available for joint research with the US in health and wellbeing, supported by the UK Research Councils.