Verifying truck assembly

Wineman Technology has built a new test system for Freightliner for verifying electrical assemblies.

Wineman Technology has selected National Instruments LabVIEW software and PXI-based hardware to build a new test system for US truck maker Freightliner for verifying electrical assemblies on its new line of heavy-duty trucks.

Along with making electrical and physical measurements, the new system also includes a machine vision system for inspecting fuse box assembly that uses cameras built into a custom fixture and coupled with software written in LabVIEW.

In use, the software in the system first communicates with the plant information system to acquire a build order specific to each truck. The software then graphically prompts the operator to place fuses and relays in their proper positions in the fuse box or switch activation module (SAM).

Once finished, the operator prompts the system to take a digital picture of the populated assembly and compares it to the computer-generated image of the build order to produce a pass or fail rating. In the event of a failure, the software locks the part in place and notifies the operator which fuse or relay has been placed incorrectly and graphically identifies the part and its correct placement.

‘Using machine vision to verify the assembly of the fuse box goes beyond the industry standard of validating serial fuse continuity,’ said Darryn La Zar, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Wineman Technology. ‘For instance, this solution can detect if a 30A fuse is in a 5A slot, which was not possible before.’

Once the tests are completed, a Cumulative Offline Report provides a resource for technicians to view the results of the tests for any given truck. A ‘to do’ list is generated in the event that any test failures could not be repaired in station. In addition, if there are any special truck options that require additional setup or validation, the system compiles those requirements so that a technician can be sure to address them prior to releasing the vehicle.