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Lockheed Martin opens UK space technology office

24 Jul 2014

Lockheed Martin is opening a space technology office in Britain to explore partnership opportunities with UK businesses and universities in support the UK’s goal of growing its space capabilities. 


Additive assembly: the 3D printed fastener

29 Jul 2014 | By Ellie Zolfagharifard

3D printing technology could offer a new way for engineers to think about how to join and fasten components


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Commemorating engineers' role in WW1

28 Jul 2014 | By Jason Ford

In the centenary year of the 20th Century’s devastating conflict, the spotlight falls on how British engineers supported the military effort while themselves making great sacrifices.


Farnborough kicks off with £1.1bn announcement Video

14 Jul 2014 | By Jason Ford

Today marks the start of the Farnborough International Airshow, the biennial aviation festival where the Prime Minister is expected to detail £1.1bn of new defence spending.


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