Robot guide for Amsterdam airport

27 Nov 2015

‘Spencer’ will navigate around Schipol using lasers and maps, helping passengers get to their gates on time.

Schematic of a laser beam energizing a monolayer semiconductor made up of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). The red glowing dots are particles excited by the laser.

Monolayer breakthrough heralds better displays

27 Nov 2015

Researchers in the US have made a breakthrough that could speed the development of improved LED displays.

Mousa Dahbreh

Sustainability award for Swansea engineering student

26 Nov 2015

Mousa Dahabreh has been named the Sustain Wales Young Sustainability Champion of the year for his work on Building Information Modelling.


Researchers develop concept graphene microphone

27 Nov 2015

Scientists have developed a graphene-based microphone membrane that is claimed to be more sensitive than those made from nickel. 


Osborne backs 'industrial strategy' in spending review

26 Nov 2015

George Osborne is ‘backing science’ with a pledge to protect the £4.7bn science budget in real terms up to 2020/21.

Blue Origin

Blue Origin completes vertical rocket landing Video

26 Nov 2015

New Shephard space vehicle flew to just over 100km, before returning safely to land back at its West Texas launch site.   

Silicon pillars emerge from nanosize holes in a thin gold film. The pillars funnel 97 percent of incoming light to a silicon substrate, a technology that could significantly boost the performance of conventional solar cells.

Nano-technique could make solar cells less “shiny” and more efficient

26 Nov 2015

Researchers at Stanford University have figured out a way of boosting the efficiency of solar cells by reducing the degree to which they reflect light.

CCS plant

Government reneges on £1bn for carbon capture and storage

25 Nov 2015

Government funding to support the development of carbon capture and storage and storage technology has been withdrawn, a move that could lock industries into paying higher carbon taxes.

Morven Fraser was presented with the 2015 Autocar-Courland Next Generation Award for her body panel energy storage concept.

Glasgow student wins Autocar prize Video

25 Nov 2015

Morven Fraser was presented with the 2015 Autocar-Courland Next Generation Award for her body panel energy storage concept.

The LUTZ Pathfinder will soon begin trials in Coventry and Milton Keynes

Driverless pod car wins SMMT innovation award

25 Nov 2015

A project aimed at bringing automated, driverless pod cars to the streets of the UK has won the 2015 Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) Automotive Award for Innovation.

The CIRRIS XR Repair Robot

Robot makes repairs on live London gas mains

25 Nov 2015

Technology from SGN and ULC Robotics can inspect and repair older parts of the gas network from inside the pipes.


Graphene's thermal properties open door to electronics applications

25 Nov 2015 | By Helen Knight

Cheaper, more reliable electronics devices could be developed using graphene components, thanks to a new research partnership.

Cyber security

Team hails quantum leap in telecomms security

24 Nov 2015

Quantum technology could lead to the development of impossible to hack communication links, an international research team has claimed.


TE Oyster

Wave goodbye: Aquamarine Power folds due to lack of private sector support

29 Oct 2015 | By Jessica Mills-Davies

Scottish wave energy pioneer Aquamarine Power has folded, making it the latest casualty in the marine energy sector since Pelamis fell into administration in December 2014.

China Wind farm

Below average wind speeds could impact US wind energy project yields

17 Jul 2015 | By Jessica Mills-Davies

Wind speeds will continue to be below average in many regions of the US this year due to the persistent effects of El Niño, Finland-based forecasting technology provider Vaisala has predicted.


UK, France and three others may miss binding EU renewables targets

18 Jun 2015 | By Jessica Mills-Davies

Several European member states including Britain run the risk of missing their 2020 renewable energy targets, according to the latest progress report from the European Commission.

37 solar panels

Global solar installations projected to reach 540GW in 2019

11 Jun 2015 | By Jessica Mills-Davies

The total volume of global solar power installations could reach 540GW within just five years, more than triple the 178GW of solar capacity that is now installed worldwide, according to findings from trade body SolarPower Europe’s latest Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2015-2019. 

Red Cross solar blood bank is a cheap and economical way using green eco-friendly technology

Engineering a response to Nepalese earthquakes

14 May 2015 | By Glynn Garlick

Engineers are using their expertise to help the people of earthquake-hit Nepal.


US wind financing surges 82 per cent to $7.1bn

15 Apr 2015 | By Jessica Mills Davies

The US witnessed an 82 per cent surge in wind energy project financing following the release of guidance last year that clarified the qualifying criteria for the wind energy Production Tax Credit.


Alevo targets growth through acquisitions and factory ramp-up

20 Feb 2015 | By Jessica Mills Davies

Alevo has hit the ground running since it emerged from stealth mode in October 2014, with a 700MWh per year production line already under its belt that is due to come online in July this year. 


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