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Almost half of UK engineers considering change of job survey reveals

29 Jun 2015 | By Jon Excell

41 per cent of UK engineers are considering a change of job, according to the results of The Engineer’s 2015 salary survey


Rolls Royce to head up autonomous ship project

3 Jul 2015

Rolls-Royce is to lead a new €6.6 million project that could help pave the way for autonomous ships.

Oil & gas facility showing pipework

Oil and gas tops salary table for junior engineers

2 Jul 2015

The oil and gas industry is the most lucrative sector for junior engineers, according to the results of The Engineer’s 2015 salary survey.


The strange tail of the seahorse and how it grips

3 Jul 2015

Using 3D printing helped researchers understand the unusual square cross-section of a seahorse’s tail and suggested uses ranging from armoured robots to medical devices


Cockroach legs could hold key to better aircraft design

2 Jul 2015

A team of researchers from Trinity College Dublin is exploring the composition of various insect legs, in the hope of finding better ways to design long thin tube structures for applications in aviation and medicine.

A silica fibre drawing tower in the Zepler Institute Cleanroom Complex.

UK led team to '3D print' optical fibre

2 Jul 2015

University of Southampton researchers are investigating the use of 3D printing technology to produce optical fibre. 


Nanogenerator harvests power from rolling tyres

1 Jul 2015

An innovative nanogenerator developed by engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US uses a car’s rolling tyre friction to generate electricity.

The robot will be deployed at Unit 2 of the plant later this summer

Japanese engineers develop 'scorpion-like' robot to explore Fukushima Video

30 Jun 2015

Engineers at Toshiba Corporation in Japan have unveiled a small scorpion-like robot designed to investigate the inside of the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

Inside JLR's Castle Bromwich Plant. The firm's success has been at the heart of the sector's growth.

Record turnover confirms UK automotive renaissance

30 Jun 2015

According to the latest figures from the SMMT turnover for the UK automotive sector hit an all time high of £69.5 billion in 2014.

Trent bearing

Rolls-Royce breaks additive record with printed Trent-XWB bearing

29 Jun 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

Rolls-Royce has produced the largest ever civil aero engine component using 3D printing, working with the new National Centre for Additive Manufacturing at the Manufacturing Technology Centre


Cold plasma technique helps wounds heal quicker

29 Jun 2015

A particular problem in older people, persistent open wounds, could be treated using a portable electric device which also has potential for home first aid

The device, which monitors a user’s brainwaves, could offer a lifeline to people with severe disabilities

BBC trials 'mind-control' TV remote

26 Jun 2015 | By Helen Knight

Researchers at BBC digital are investigating the use of technology that allows users to control their TV sets with their own brainwaves

Dearman engine

Zero emissions liquid air engine undergoes tests at new R&D facility

26 Jun 2015

UK liquid-air engine pioneer Dearman has begun full testing of its technology at its new R&D facility.



UK, France and three others may miss binding EU renewables targets

18 Jun 2015 | By Jessica Mills-Davies

Several European member states including Britain run the risk of missing their 2020 renewable energy targets, according to the latest progress report from the European Commission.

37 solar panels

Global solar installations projected to reach 540GW in 2019

11 Jun 2015 | By Jessica Mills-Davies

The total volume of global solar power installations could reach 540GW within just five years, more than triple the 178GW of solar capacity that is now installed worldwide, according to findings from trade body SolarPower Europe’s latest Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2015-2019. 

Red Cross solar blood bank is a cheap and economical way using green eco-friendly technology

Engineering a response to Nepalese earthquakes

14 May 2015 | By Glynn Garlick

Engineers are using their expertise to help the people of earthquake-hit Nepal.


US wind financing surges 82 per cent to $7.1bn

15 Apr 2015 | By Jessica Mills Davies

The US witnessed an 82 per cent surge in wind energy project financing following the release of guidance last year that clarified the qualifying criteria for the wind energy Production Tax Credit.


Alevo targets growth through acquisitions and factory ramp-up

20 Feb 2015 | By Jessica Mills Davies

Alevo has hit the ground running since it emerged from stealth mode in October 2014, with a 700MWh per year production line already under its belt that is due to come online in July this year. 


Falling oil prices unlikely to impact renewable energy projects

7 Jan 2015 | By Jessica Mills Davies

The decline in Brent crude oil prices is unlikely to have a detrimental impact on the bankability of renewable energy projects, claim industry sources.

Fusion a

New details on compact fusion reveal scale of challenge

22 Oct 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Lockheed Martin’s Revolutionary Technology team admits its new fusion reactor is at a very early stage, but sets out the reasons it is optimistic


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