A snap fitting holds your beer in by the upper rim suspending it in the cup.

Keep a lid on it: clever design conceals cans of beer from the cops Video

4 Sep 2015 | By Andrew Wade

A brush with the law and a $250 fine for drinking in public has led one enterprising Canadian to design a container that hides your beer and keeps it cold.

The mouth guard sensor offers an easy and reliable way to monitor uric acid levels in human saliva

Mouth guard sensor monitors saliva for signs of illness and stress

4 Sep 2015

Engineers in the US have developed a mouth guard that monitors health markers in saliva and transmits the information to a handheld electronic device.

New technology could improve kidney dialysis for patients

UK team uses NHS funding to develop innovative catheter system

4 Sep 2015

Researchers develop new technology that could improve outcomes for people on dialysis.


Self assembling nanoparticles could lead to rewritable paper

4 Sep 2015

A new method for coaxing nanoparticles into self-assembly could have applications ranging from rewritable paper, water decontamination, and the controlled delivery of drugs.

Video blogging is becoming an increasingly popular medium of communication

Student vloggers hired for engineering push

3 Sep 2015

Campaign will see two young students creating content to inspire young engineers.

Crown-of-thorns starfish

Robot to save Barrier Reef from starfish vandalism

3 Sep 2015

Australian engineers have developed a robot designed to control starfish populations on the Great Barrier Reef  

JUke Production

Nissan to invest £100m in Sunderland plant

3 Sep 2015

A newly announced £100m investment in Nissan’s Sunderland plant will secure thousands of jobs and cement the UK’s reputation as one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers the car-maker has claimed.

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds used for methane capture and storage

3 Sep 2015

Soak and heating process creates carbon capture material that can later be used as a fuel.


Engineers apply imaging technology to help in the fight against malaria

3 Sep 2015

Engineers at Warwick University are using imaging technology and robust algorithms to help combat malaria in Tanzania.

Statue of George Stephenson outside Chesterfield Railway station

IMechE launches £2m Stephenson Fund

2 Sep 2015

The fund aims to help bridge the gap between R&D and bringing products to market. 

The engineers created the realistic virtual characters by capturing the details of the skin at resolution levels of approximately ten microns.

New technique brings added realism to digital facial rendering

2 Sep 2015

Engineers develop new technology to create lifelike gaming characters by enhancing the appearance of flesh, paving the way for more realistic virtual characters.

Researchers have demonstrated the world’s first stretchable and conformable thin-film transistor driven LED display laminated into textiles, an advance that paves the way to wearable displays in clothing

Researchers turn clothes into electronic displays Video

2 Sep 2015

Researchers have demonstrated the world’s first stretchable and conformable thin-film transistor driven LED display laminated into textiles, an advance that paves the way to wearable displays in clothing.

Red Bull Racing

Nottingham student joins Infiniti Red Bull Racing

1 Sep 2015

Daniel Sanham, currently studying electrical and electronic engineering, will spend 12 months on placement with the Formula One team.


China Wind farm

Below average wind speeds could impact US wind energy project yields

17 Jul 2015 | By Jessica Mills-Davies

Wind speeds will continue to be below average in many regions of the US this year due to the persistent effects of El Niño, Finland-based forecasting technology provider Vaisala has predicted.


UK, France and three others may miss binding EU renewables targets

18 Jun 2015 | By Jessica Mills-Davies

Several European member states including Britain run the risk of missing their 2020 renewable energy targets, according to the latest progress report from the European Commission.

37 solar panels

Global solar installations projected to reach 540GW in 2019

11 Jun 2015 | By Jessica Mills-Davies

The total volume of global solar power installations could reach 540GW within just five years, more than triple the 178GW of solar capacity that is now installed worldwide, according to findings from trade body SolarPower Europe’s latest Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2015-2019. 

Red Cross solar blood bank is a cheap and economical way using green eco-friendly technology

Engineering a response to Nepalese earthquakes

14 May 2015 | By Glynn Garlick

Engineers are using their expertise to help the people of earthquake-hit Nepal.


US wind financing surges 82 per cent to $7.1bn

15 Apr 2015 | By Jessica Mills Davies

The US witnessed an 82 per cent surge in wind energy project financing following the release of guidance last year that clarified the qualifying criteria for the wind energy Production Tax Credit.


Alevo targets growth through acquisitions and factory ramp-up

20 Feb 2015 | By Jessica Mills Davies

Alevo has hit the ground running since it emerged from stealth mode in October 2014, with a 700MWh per year production line already under its belt that is due to come online in July this year. 


Falling oil prices unlikely to impact renewable energy projects

7 Jan 2015 | By Jessica Mills Davies

The decline in Brent crude oil prices is unlikely to have a detrimental impact on the bankability of renewable energy projects, claim industry sources.


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