Friday, 24 October 2014

TE Boeing 487

New plant to convert waste cooking oil into aviation biofuel

23 Oct 2014

Up to 500 million gallons of aviation biofuel will be made from waste cooking oil at a new demonstration facility in China.

Piloted driving

Autonomous Audi RS7 completes Hockenheim trial Video

23 Oct 2014

An autonomous Audi RS 7 concept car has completed a lap on the Grand Prix track in Hockenheim in a little over two minutes.

Reducing waste and costs with ALM

Printed titanium aircraft parts challenge forging strength with reduced cost

22 Oct 2014 | By Jason Ford

The costs and waste associated with producing complex titanium alloy components for aircraft could be reduced if those parts were made using additive layer manufacturing.


Event announcement: The Engineer Design & Innovation Show 2015

22 Oct 2014

Centaur Media Plc, publisher of The Engineer, has announced the launch of an exciting new exhibition and conference aimed at design engineers.


InnoVentum in talks to deploy renewable solution to EV charging

22 Oct 2014 | By Jordan Bintcliffe

Hybrid power station developer InnoVentum is in talks with London Mayor Boris Johnson to deploy its combined wind and solar solution in the UK’s capital.


Jobs boost at Ford following £190m engine investment

21 Oct 2014

Around 318 jobs are to be created following an announcement by Ford that it is to invest an additional £190m at its Dagenham plant.


Transparent graphene microelectrode provides new neurological insights

21 Oct 2014

A transparent microelectrode made from graphene could give doctors further insights into neurological disorders. 

Plans have been announced for TuNur, a 2GW concentrated solar power facility in Tunisia that would be connected to the European electricity grid

Tunisian CSP plant to supply electricity to European grid

20 Oct 2014

Plans have been announced for TuNur, a 2GW concentrated solar power facility in Tunisia that would be connected to the European electricity grid.

Cooling towers at Didcot B Power Station

Didcot power station fire under control

20 Oct 2014

A serious fire at Didcot B power station in Oxfordshire has been brought under control by firefighters.


Skills and finance key to £30bn supply chain boost

20 Oct 2014

The UK economy could be £30bn better off by 2025 if concerted efforts are made now to revitalise domestic supply chains.

Electron microscopy images of the porous graphene-based structure created by diffusion driven layer-by-layer assembly

Graphene formed into porous 3D structures for use in batteries

17 Oct 2014

Researchers have constructed graphene into porous 3D structures for applications in devices such as batteries and supercapacitors.

Lockheed Martin Skunk Works believes a new compact fusion reactor (CFR) can be developed and deployed in under a decade

Lockheed claims fundamental fusion breakthrough Video

16 Oct 2014

Lockheed Martin Skunk Works believes a new compact fusion reactor (CFR) can be developed and deployed in under a decade.

Patient mock-up of surgical robot designed to treat epilepsy by entering the brain through the cheek

Surgical robot provides minimally invasive option for brain procedure

16 Oct 2014

Engineers have developed a robotic system to assist surgeons with a brain procedure to treat epilepsy.


Fusion a

New details on compact fusion reveal scale of challenge

22 Oct 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Lockheed Martin’s Revolutionary Technology team admits its new fusion reactor is at a very early stage, but sets out the reasons it is optimistic

bloodhound cockpit 4

High-speed office fit-out Video

25 Jun 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Bloodhound’s newly unveiled cockpit was custom-designed by the driver who will make the 1000mph record attempt.


HS2 chair calls for better national rail plan

18 Mar 2014 | By Stephen Harris

Britain needs to rethink its plans for the existing rail network if HS2 is to deliver maximum benefit for the country’s northern cities, the project’s new chairman said yesterday.


Trade body calls for further tax breaks to boost UK aerospace

5 Feb 2014 | By Jason Ford

Britain’s commercial aerospace industry can sustain and build on its global market share with a three-pronged set of measures aimed at improving tax incentives.


London raises flag on green taxi rollout

17 Jan 2014 | By Stephen Harris

Five manufacturers are planning to launch electric taxis in time for the 2018 start of London’s switchover to zero-emissions vehicles


Proponents of Thames Estuary airport welcome extra scrutiny

8 Jan 2014 | By Stephen Harris

One of the firms proposing a Thames Estuary airport has welcomed the Airports Commission’s decision to further study the idea before finalising its shortlist of recommendations next year.


Why the Airports Commission ruled out almost everything

18 Dec 2013 | By Stephen Harris

A Thames Estuary airport remains on the cards despite having many of the same problems as other proposals that have already been dismissed.


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A project to build a concentrating solar power (CSP) plant in Tunisia to supply the European electricity grid is seeking funding. Is this a feasible concept?