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Proving his passion for automotive engineering won this graduate a top international job with Volvo

29 Jan 2015 | By Stephen Harris

Former Loughborough University student Chetan Kotur reveals how he used a set of fantastic experiences to get a headstart in the car industry.

Jaguar Land Rover's 'Bike Sense' research

Jaguar Land Rover to add Bike Sense to road safety Video

29 Jan 2015 | By Julia Pierce

Jaguar Land Rover is developing a range of new technologies that use colours, sounds and touch to alert drivers to potential hazards, preventing accidents involving bicycles and motorbikes.


Kevlar is key to fire-preventing lithium ion battery membrane

27 Jan 2015

New battery technology should prevent the incidents that grounded Boeing 787 Dreamliners in 2013, claim researchers at the University of Michigan. 

48 Pylon news image

Sensor system saves time and money by rapidly isolating network faults

28 Jan 2015 | By Julia Pierce

A new sensor system could allow energy and telecoms companies to quickly isolate network faults, reducing the length of service cuts and minimising fines by regulators.


Europe to close gap with Japan and Korea in automotive propulsion IP

27 Jan 2015

A new report suggests that European manufacturers are closing the gap on North East Asian competitors in the race to develop new automotive propulsion technologies.


Petrol-electric hybrid aircraft is first to charge in flight Video

26 Jan 2015 | By Julia Pierce

A hybrid power aircraft has been successfully tested in the UK in an important step towards cleaner low-carbon air travel.


Silver nanowires show suitability for flexible electronics

26 Jan 2015

A study into the mechanical properties of silver nanowire has revealed properties that make the nanostructure suited to flexible electronics.


International collaboration aims to launch eco-friendly ships

23 Jan 2015

Research is underway to design large ocean-going vessels with improved hydrodynamics for better fuel efficiency.


So dry it's waterproof Video

22 Jan 2015

Lasers have been used to transform metals into super-hydrophobic materials without the need for temporary coatings.


Funding boost puts automotive skills on track

21 Jan 2015

The government is collaborating with automotive manufacturers to ensure skills across the sector by inspiring the next generation of vehicle makers and creating new routes into automotive careers.


Parker will provide Bloodhound's airbrake backup Video

21 Jan 2015 | By Julia Pierce

A composite piston accumulator designed by engineering firm Parker is set to form a vital part of Bloodhound SSC’s attempt to break the world land speed record.


W-band wireless broadband system aims to streamline services

21 Jan 2015 | By Julia Pierce

Rural blackspots and network congestion could end thanks to a new wireless high-speed data communications system under development by a European team led by engineers at Lancaster University.

BOC's Redcar refinery could be one of the facilities to benefit

Teesside collective launches industrial CCS vision

21 Jan 2015

A group of energy intensive firms based in north east England has unveiled plans to establish Europe’s first industrial Carbon Capture and Storage zone in the region.



Falling oil prices unlikely to impact renewable energy projects

7 Jan 2015 | By Jessica Mills Davies

The decline in Brent crude oil prices is unlikely to have a detrimental impact on the bankability of renewable energy projects, claim industry sources.

Fusion a

New details on compact fusion reveal scale of challenge

22 Oct 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Lockheed Martin’s Revolutionary Technology team admits its new fusion reactor is at a very early stage, but sets out the reasons it is optimistic

bloodhound cockpit 4

High-speed office fit-out Video

25 Jun 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Bloodhound’s newly unveiled cockpit was custom-designed by the driver who will make the 1000mph record attempt.


HS2 chair calls for better national rail plan

18 Mar 2014 | By Stephen Harris

Britain needs to rethink its plans for the existing rail network if HS2 is to deliver maximum benefit for the country’s northern cities, the project’s new chairman said yesterday.


Trade body calls for further tax breaks to boost UK aerospace

5 Feb 2014 | By Jason Ford

Britain’s commercial aerospace industry can sustain and build on its global market share with a three-pronged set of measures aimed at improving tax incentives.


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