Friday, 28 November 2014


An autopilot for steering energy enhancing kites Video

27 Nov 2014

Researchers have developed an autopilot device to control and optimise the movement of kites that harness energy generated by wind.


Barometer indicates fair weather for manufacturers

27 Nov 2014

Over two thirds of England’s small and medium manufacturers expect to increase investment in new technology, machinery or premises in a bid to improve their productivity.


Electronic implant dissolves after treating bacterial infection

26 Nov 2014

Researchers have developed an electronic medical device that dissolves after administering its treatment.  

Unterwasserturbine liefert Strom aus Ebbe und Flut

Siemens hunts for buyer to take on Marine Current Turbines

26 Nov 2014 | By Jessica Mills Davies

Siemens this week confirmed its plan to divest its ocean power business, including Bristol-based Marine Current Turbines (MCT), which it acquired in full in early 2012.

The off-the-shelf drone promises to be a popular gift this Christmas

Last week's poll: Drone land

26 Nov 2014

With police this week warning a House of Lords committee that off-the-shelf “drones” are being used to harass people, there are growing calls for tighter regulations to prevent criminal use of the technology. Are these concerns justified?


Underwater robot maps Antarctic sea ice

25 Nov 2014

An underwater robot has helped scientists produce the first high-resolution 3D maps of Antarctic sea ice floes.


Magnetic control key to stem cell fracture treatment

25 Nov 2014

Remotely-controlled magnetic nanoparticles could be the key to improving the healing of damaged bone, according to researchers from Keele and Nottingham Universities

MV Bucentaur: one of the specialist vessels that will be used

Fugro nets giant offshore contract

24 Nov 2014

Geotechnical specialist Fugro has been awarded one of the offshore wind industry’s largest ever seabed investigation contracts.


Research aims for improvements in powered prosthetics Video

24 Nov 2014

Biomedical engineers are examining failure mechanisms in powered lower limb prosthetics in order to develop a new generation of more robust devices.


Pelamis Wave Power enters administration

24 Nov 2014

Pelamis Wave Power Limited has gone into administration after failing to secure the funds required to further develop its marine energy solution.


Enhanced ultrasound penetrates bone and metal

21 Nov 2014

Researchers have developed a technique that allows ultrasound to penetrate bone or metal using customised structures that offset distortions caused by aberrating layers.


Lightweight 'solar cloth' photovoltaics have flexible future Video

20 Nov 2014 | By Jason Ford

A Cambridge start-up believes its flexible solar panelling solution could fundamentally change the landscape of solar installation in the commercial sector.

Ineos Grangemouth

Ineos to invest £640m into shale exploration Video

20 Nov 2014

Chemicals group Ineos is investing £640m into the production and exploration of shale gas in the UK.


Fusion a

New details on compact fusion reveal scale of challenge

22 Oct 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Lockheed Martin’s Revolutionary Technology team admits its new fusion reactor is at a very early stage, but sets out the reasons it is optimistic

bloodhound cockpit 4

High-speed office fit-out Video

25 Jun 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Bloodhound’s newly unveiled cockpit was custom-designed by the driver who will make the 1000mph record attempt.


HS2 chair calls for better national rail plan

18 Mar 2014 | By Stephen Harris

Britain needs to rethink its plans for the existing rail network if HS2 is to deliver maximum benefit for the country’s northern cities, the project’s new chairman said yesterday.


Trade body calls for further tax breaks to boost UK aerospace

5 Feb 2014 | By Jason Ford

Britain’s commercial aerospace industry can sustain and build on its global market share with a three-pronged set of measures aimed at improving tax incentives.


London raises flag on green taxi rollout

17 Jan 2014 | By Stephen Harris

Five manufacturers are planning to launch electric taxis in time for the 2018 start of London’s switchover to zero-emissions vehicles


Proponents of Thames Estuary airport welcome extra scrutiny

8 Jan 2014 | By Stephen Harris

One of the firms proposing a Thames Estuary airport has welcomed the Airports Commission’s decision to further study the idea before finalising its shortlist of recommendations next year.


Why the Airports Commission ruled out almost everything

18 Dec 2013 | By Stephen Harris

A Thames Estuary airport remains on the cards despite having many of the same problems as other proposals that have already been dismissed.


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