Wednesday, 17 September 2014

CCS plant

Molecular sieve promises cheaper way to capture carbon

16 Sep 2014

A new method for treating polymers could produce a more energy-efficient gas separation method, say UK researchers.


Europe unveils asteroid-spotting 'fly's eye' telescope

15 Sep 2014

A new modular telescope design could make scanning the sky for near-Earth objects cheaper.


Soft-bodied robot can walk through fire Video

11 Sep 2014

US researchers have built a crawling soft-bodied robot that can operate without a tether and survive fire, snow and being run over by a car.


ESA launches €1bn project to create next generation metals

12 Sep 2014

Lighter vehicles, stronger nuclear reactors and more compatible medical implants are among the goals of a new billion-euro European Space Agency metals project.

QE trophy

Queen Elizabeth Prize trophy competition finalists announced

11 Sep 2014

The winning design is to be chosen by a team of six judges and a public poll.


HS2 offers £10bn of contracts to UK engineering firms

10 Sep 2014

British companies are being encouraged to attend two supply chain meetings to find out about construction and manufacturing opportunities from 2017.


CATS to help study pollution from space

9 Sep 2014

NASA is preparing to launch new technology to improve the study of pollution in the Earth’s atmosphere from the International Space Station.


Offshore windfarms look to 'suction buckets' for easier installation

8 Sep 2014 | By Stephen Harris

UK windfarm developers are to be given access to new technology that could make it easier to erect offshore turbines.

Energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy image taken within a scanning electron microscope

Titania has promise as superconductor insulator

5 Sep 2014

Researchers have shown that titanium dioxide holds promise as an electrical insulator for superconducting magnets. 

VTT's Research Scientist Saara Tuurala presents the patch

Disposable fuel cell patch brings galvanic skin treatments into the home

5 Sep 2014 | By Jason Ford

Researchers in Finland have developed a disposable patch that will let consumers perform galvanic skin treatments at home.

Far-field photons excite silver nanowire plasmons. The wire plasmons propagate to the wire's distal end where they efficiently interact with the two-dimensional material semiconductor molybdenum disulphide (MoS2). The plasmons are absorbed in the MoS2 cre

Nanophotonics key to high-speed information transfer

5 Sep 2014

A development in the US could lead to computer chips capable of transporting digital information at light speed. 


Materials study aims at improving nuclear reactor performance

4 Sep 2014 | By Jason Ford

Materials critical to the safe operation of nuclear reactors are to be examined by the recipient of a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship.

Eva Håkansson

US engineers build world's fastest electric motorbike Video

4 Sep 2014

A homemade electric motorcycle has set four records at the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials in the US.


bloodhound cockpit 4

High-speed office fit-out Video

25 Jun 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Bloodhound’s newly unveiled cockpit was custom-designed by the driver who will make the 1000mph record attempt.


HS2 chair calls for better national rail plan

18 Mar 2014 | By Stephen Harris

Britain needs to rethink its plans for the existing rail network if HS2 is to deliver maximum benefit for the country’s northern cities, the project’s new chairman said yesterday.


Trade body calls for further tax breaks to boost UK aerospace

5 Feb 2014 | By Jason Ford

Britain’s commercial aerospace industry can sustain and build on its global market share with a three-pronged set of measures aimed at improving tax incentives.


London raises flag on green taxi rollout

17 Jan 2014 | By Stephen Harris

Five manufacturers are planning to launch electric taxis in time for the 2018 start of London’s switchover to zero-emissions vehicles


Proponents of Thames Estuary airport welcome extra scrutiny

8 Jan 2014 | By Stephen Harris

One of the firms proposing a Thames Estuary airport has welcomed the Airports Commission’s decision to further study the idea before finalising its shortlist of recommendations next year.


Why the Airports Commission ruled out almost everything

18 Dec 2013 | By Stephen Harris

A Thames Estuary airport remains on the cards despite having many of the same problems as other proposals that have already been dismissed.


Axed windfarm puts govt subsidy levels in spotlight

27 Nov 2013 | By Stephen Harris

The cancellation of one of the world’s largest planned offshore windfarms has highlighted the costs of next-generation turbine technology and the need for financial certainty, the renewables industry has warned.


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