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Natural networks have promise for cheap, flexible optoelectronics

18 Dec 2014

Patterns derived from the veins on a leaf and spider-webs could be key for designing electrical networks for optoelectronic systems, according to researchers from Boston College and South China Normal University


New dimensions added to robotic arm controlled by thoughts

17 Dec 2014

A quadriplegic has used thought control to put a robotic arm through a range of complex hand movements, an advance that may restore her natural movement.


Protective suit keeps aid workers cool in the fight against Ebola Video

16 Dec 2014

Technology developed to cool patients in cardiac arrest has been incorporated in to a new suit designed to protect aid workers from the Ebola virus.

The shield is being assembled in two halves which are being joined together before being moved into place above the reactor

Chernobyl's giant shield takes shape Video

16 Dec 2014 | By Jon Excell

Engineers have made huge progress on the construction of Chernobyl’s New Safe Confinement, an immense shield that will replace the infamous reactor’s crumbling sarcophagus

Peterhad CCGT plant, Aberdeenshire

The Engineer Q&A: Carbon Capture and Storage

15 Dec 2014

Your chance to question some of the leading researchers working on this important part of low-carbon energy technologies


Misaligned monolayers stack up for cheaper electronics

15 Dec 2014

Stacking one atom thick materials can create semiconductor junctions that transfer charge more efficiently, regardless of whether the crystalline structure of the materials is mismatched.


Regenerative braking system lowers carbon footprint of trains

12 Dec 2014 | By Julia Pierce

A new flywheel-based regenerative braking system has shown it can reduce the carbon footprint of rail travel on Britain’s diesel-powered trains.

Foiling smugglers of nuclear materials

New nuclear detection technology set to thwart development of 'dirty bombs'

12 Dec 2014 | By Phil Rood

A new nuclear detection technology is set to provide ports and customs authorities with a cheaper and more efficient method of countering terrorists.

Laser Weapon System (LaWS)

Laser weapon destroys targets with ‘near-instantaneous lethality’ Video

12 Dec 2014

The US military has successfully tested a prototype laser weapon system on selected targets during trials in the Persian Gulf.


Artificial intelligence detects cutting tool failures in real time

12 Dec 2014 | By Julia Pierce

A new artificial intelligence system has been designed to detect failures in cutting tools in real time.


Energy saving inkjet paints with precision

11 Dec 2014 | By Julia Pierce

A new digital inkjet technology from a UK-based research and development company promises to cut the cost of customising vehicles, white goods and architectural surfaces, while also saving energy.


Organic electronics enable wearable pulse oximeter

11 Dec 2014

Engineers have developed a flexible pulse oximeter sensor that can be worn like a sticking plaster.


Bloodhound project powers ahead with successful test of hybrid rocket Video

11 Dec 2014

The rocket partners for the Bloodhound Supersonic Car project have successfully fired the vehicle’s new hybrid rocket.


Fusion a

New details on compact fusion reveal scale of challenge

22 Oct 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Lockheed Martin’s Revolutionary Technology team admits its new fusion reactor is at a very early stage, but sets out the reasons it is optimistic

bloodhound cockpit 4

High-speed office fit-out Video

25 Jun 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Bloodhound’s newly unveiled cockpit was custom-designed by the driver who will make the 1000mph record attempt.


HS2 chair calls for better national rail plan

18 Mar 2014 | By Stephen Harris

Britain needs to rethink its plans for the existing rail network if HS2 is to deliver maximum benefit for the country’s northern cities, the project’s new chairman said yesterday.


Trade body calls for further tax breaks to boost UK aerospace

5 Feb 2014 | By Jason Ford

Britain’s commercial aerospace industry can sustain and build on its global market share with a three-pronged set of measures aimed at improving tax incentives.


London raises flag on green taxi rollout

17 Jan 2014 | By Stephen Harris

Five manufacturers are planning to launch electric taxis in time for the 2018 start of London’s switchover to zero-emissions vehicles


Proponents of Thames Estuary airport welcome extra scrutiny

8 Jan 2014 | By Stephen Harris

One of the firms proposing a Thames Estuary airport has welcomed the Airports Commission’s decision to further study the idea before finalising its shortlist of recommendations next year.


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