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Imaging technique observes growth of graphene

Researchers have revealed a new method that enables laboratory scanning electron microscopes to observe graphene growing over a microchip surface in real time. This discovery by a team at Surrey University could be a significant step closer to mass commercialisation and production of graphene for electronic devices. Their findings are detailed in ACS Applied Nano […]

Photoresist puts focus on laser-induced graphene

Graphene has been patterned in high-resolution and at the micron-scale with a laser and photoresist, an advance that could lead to applications in consumer electronics. This is the claim of a Rice University laboratory that has demonstrated the conversion of positive photoresist (PR), frequently used in the manufacture of consumer electronics, into laser-induced graphene (LIG). […]

3D printed graphene aerogels set for water treatment

Engineers have developed a new process of 3D printing graphene aerogels that is scalable and stable enough for repeated use in water treatment. The researchers at the University at Buffalo, New York have used a proof-of-concept direct ink writing 3D printing technique and subsequent freeze-drying to prepare graphene-biopolymer aerogels for water treatment. Graphene aerogel sponge […]

Graphene derived from discarded tyres used to strengthen concrete

A process that turns waste from rubber tyres into graphene can be used to strengthen concrete, claim scientists at Rice University in Texas.  According to Rice chemist James Tour, there are clear environmental benefits of adding graphene to concrete. “Concrete is the most-produced material in the world, and simply making it produces as much as […]

Breakthrough 3D printing with inkjet-printed graphene

A new study from Nottingham University has discovered how to use inkjet-printed graphene to 3D-print novel electronic devices with useful properties, such as an ability to convert light into electricity. The £5.85m, EPSRC-funded project was carried out by engineers at the Centre for Additive Manufacturing and physicists at the School of Physics and Astronomy. New […]

Laser-induced graphene to help filter COVID-19 from air

Active air filters made with laser-induced graphene are set to be rolled out to rid air of organic particles and viruses such as COVID-19. The technology – developed by researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel in partnership with Rice University in Houston, Texas – is being commercialised by LIGC Application Ltd, which has […]

Graphene shows support for fuel cell catalysts

New research suggests that graphene could be used as a support material to make more durable catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells. In the study published in Nanoscale, scientists produced graphene via a scalable technique and used it to develop the catalysts. The research team, involving scientists from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and University College […]

Graphene flakes show potential as surfactant

Graphene flakes can act as a surfactant, a discovery that could lead to industrial applications ranging from oil extraction to paper processing. Pristine graphene is completely water repellent, but the researchers found that at a particular size (below 1-micron lateral size), amphiphilic behaviour is possible. This graphene flake attracts water at its edges but repels it on its surface, making it a new generation of surfactant that […]