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Graphene stress monitor could help NASA find right stuff

A new sensor that measures stress via cortisol in sweat could be used by NASA to gauge the anxiety levels of astronauts. Developed by Caltech assistant professor of medical engineering, Wei Gao, the device features a plastic sheet etched with a laser to generate a 3D graphene structure with tiny pores in which sweat can […]

Low-power beam makes laser-induced graphene

Scientists have made laser-induced graphene with a low-power laser mounted in a scanning electron microscope, an advance expected to lead to the wider commercial production of flexible electronics and sensors. The process creates Laser-induced graphene (LIG) with features over 60 per cent smaller than the macro version of the material and almost 10 times smaller […]

Graphene amplifier taps into elusive terahertz gap

Physicists at Loughborough University have used graphene to create an amplifier that can tune into previously untapped terahertz frequencies. Sitting between microwaves and infrared in the frequency spectrum, THz waves – or T-rays, have so far not been exploited by science due to their low energy. This led to a problem known in scientific circles […]

Flash graphene process turns ‘trash into treasure’

Any form of carbon-based matter can be transformed into so-called flash graphene with a process that heats carbon-containing materials to 3,000K for 10 milliseconds. The advance from the Rice University lab of James Tour can reportedly convert a ton of coal, food waste or plastic into graphene for a fraction of the cost used by […]

Graphene composite degrades atmospheric pollutant

Combination of graphene and titania 70 per cent more effective at removing NOx pollutant from exhaust fumes than conventional titania alone Researchers from the Graphene Flagship in Cambridge, working in collaboration with Italian and Israeli scientists, report that a composite composed of graphene and titania (titanium dioxide) could be a highly effective way of reducing […]

Graphene Characterization

Graphene and graphene-related materials have revolutionized numerous areas of materials science and technology. Their massive technological success is related to their unique structural and chemical properties. Graphene structure and key fundamental properties such as surface area, pore size, and density are examined. Anton Paar Ltd Tel: +44(0)

Texas team turns graphene into bacteria-killing filter

Chemists from Rice University use laser-induced graphene to build self-sterilising filters Laser-induced graphene (LIG) was developed in the laboratory of James Tour, a chemist at Rice University in Houston, Texas in 2014. Made by heating the surface of a sheet of the engineering plastic polyimide with an industrial laser cutter, LIG can be used to […]

Graphene-based suitcase could help lighten the load

A Manchester-based start-up has developed a graphene-based suitcase made from recycled plastic, an advance that could reduce the weight of aircraft cabin luggage and help reduce CO2 emissions. Working in collaboration with Manchester University, GraphCase has developed a patent pending technology to create a composite polymer using graphene that is made from 100 per cent recycled […]

Manchester Uni teams share £70k graphene award

Two teams from the University of Manchester are to share a £70,000 prize for novel applications of graphene. Both teams are addressing key societal challenges on future energy and food security: seeking breakthroughs by using 2D materials to produce hydrogen to generate energy, and by designing polymer hydrogels to increase food production. The Eli and […]