High-tech property marketing

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Leicester-based Textboards has developed an innovative approach to property marketing in the UK using SMS technology.

Leicester-based Textboards has developed a unique and innovative approach to property marketing in the UK using SMS Technology.

In use, prospective home buyers enquire about properties by text message from outside a property and instantly receive that properties details via text message, no matter what the time of day it is.

Textboards works by assigning each property a unique code name which the prospective buyer can then text to a five digit number. The enquiry is immediately and automatically responded to by a text message that outlines the property details such as value, number of bedrooms, size of garden, type of heating, energy rating, council band and Estate Agent contact details.

'People today lead busy lives, meaning they can’t always contact an estate agent for details of a property when the agency is open. Textboards allows people to find out about a property when they are standing outside it, at a time which is convenient for them,' said Nicholas Maguire, Textboards' Managing Director.

Vendors are pleased with the solution as it increases the marketing of their property and maximises the prospective buyers. Their estate agent can also provide details of how many enquiries have been made by text and follow up on them.