Last week's poll: the energy price cap and industry

Half of Engineer readers don't think that the Conservatives' proposed cap on domestic energy prices will have any overall effect on the sector

Maybe election fatigue is setting in early, but we had a surprisingly muted response to last week's poll, with 282 readers replying. Of these, the largest group — 50 per cent — thought that the Conservatives' flagship energy policy, a twice yearly-reviewed cap on the standard variable tariff that energy companies could charge domestic customers, would have little overall effect on the energy sector. Several of our more cynical commenters noted that the companies would doubtless find ways of making up any lost revenues, such as by raising standing charges.

The next largest group, 25 per cent, though that that would reduce investment, forcing the government to make up the shortfall and ensure infrastructure was fit for purpose. Next, on 13 per cent, were those who thought the cap would stifle innovation and damage competition; 12 per cent declined to pick an option.

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