Motor driver

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Allegro MicroSystems’ A1441 is a full-bridge motor driver designed to drive single-phase, low-voltage bipolar brushless DC motors.

Commutation of the motor is achieved by the use of a single Hall element to detect the position of an alternating pole ring magnet. Allegro's semiconductor process allows for the integration of the Hall element on the same IC as the motor control circuitry, providing a single-chip solution.

All necessary circuitry is integrated and no external devices are required. A bypass capacitor is recommended to lower switching transients and therefore reduced radiated emissions. The switchpoints of the device are chopper-stabilized for precision over operating temperature and voltage.

An active braking function and sleep mode can be enabled by an external signal. The active braking function allows for a quick stop to improve stop/start cycles in gaming applications. The micropower sleep mode reduces current consumption to near zero current for battery management in portable applications.

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