Poll results: have you seen any Brexit benefits?

Twenty five months ago - after years of rancorous public debate and political deadlock - the UK left the EU. In our latest poll we  asked whether UK manufacturers and engineers have experienced any of the promised red-tape busting, export boosting benefits


This poll was conducted between Feb 22-28 and received 1521 votes

When the case was made for leaving the EU in 2016 the UK's engineering community was, it seems, as divided as the rest of the country, with just over half of the 1400 respondents to our June 2016 poll on the topic telling us they would be voting to remain. Judging from the responses to our periodic return to the issue over the course of the past few years many of these divisions remain.

However, now that more than two years have elapsed since the UK’s official exit from the world’s biggest trading block it seems sensible to ask the question again. Particularly given that some of those sectors most beguiled by the promises of the leave campaign (farming and fishing to name two) now face a potentially terminal export and labour shortage crisis directly linked to that fateful decision.

In our February 22 - 28 poll we asked whether you believe Brexit has delivered any of the benefits promised by its cheerleaders, and specifically what it has meant for industry?

Perhaps you feel it’s still too early to tell? After all, for 12 of the past 24 months the UK remained a part of the single market and customs union. Perhaps the devastating economic impact of the pandemic makes it hard to gauge? Or maybe you have already discerned some clear uplifts or problems resulting from that June 2016 referendum vote. Either way, do continue to let us know in Comments below and continue to help us build a picture of how UK engineering and manufacturing is feeling on the issue now that the dust is beginning to settle.

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