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The Hydraulic Filtration Division of Parker Hannifin, the world’slargest manufacturer of motion and control technology, hascomplementary products specifically designed to provide aneconomical and efficient solution to contamination control, fluids

The Hydraulic Filtration Division of Parker Hannifin, the world’s largest manufacturer of motion and control technology, has complementary products specifically designed to provide an economical and efficient solution to contamination control, fluid system predictive maintenance as well as on-going system cleanliness. Perhaps as importantly, the Oilcheck oil cleanliness monitor, Guardian portable filter system and Parfit interchange replacement elements all help to prevent the equipment downtime caused by fluid contamination, thereby enabling significant improvements to be achieved in both productivity and profitability. Used together, this trio of products forms an effective solution to contamination: monitoring contamination levels, removing contamination and maintaining cleanliness levels by preventing contamination from recurring.

How Clean is Your Oil?

Ideal for use by industrial and commercial engineers and mechanics involved in the servicing and maintenance of commercial vehicles, construction plant and mobile equipment, the completely portable, hand-held Oilcheck detects any contamination changes in engine oil condition before it becomes a problem. As a result, the instrument assists in extending engine operating life expectations helping to reduce cost of ownership.

The monitor works by analysing and measuring the dielectric constant of oil samples, using a baseline reading taken from a clean oil sample against which contaminated samples can subsequently be tested. Readings are displayed both as a numeric value and on a simple-to-read, circular red/green efficiency scale. Used together, these displays allow a gradual change in oil quality to be recorded and, in samples where contamination has reached a critical level, for a problem to be identified immediately.

Clean It Up

The Guardian portable filtration system features an innovative pump/motor/filter combination designed to transfer and condition mineral, petroleum-based and water emulsion fluids. The exceptionally robust filtration system protects hydraulic systems from contamination ingress, particularly water and particulate contamination, when adding new fluid, removing matter down to 2µ in size.

Furthermore, Guardian is ideal as an offline filtration/conditioning system on hydraulic system reservoirs making it particularly suitable for use in injection moulding machines, paper mills, industrial and mobile equipment and marine system support equipment. Perhaps as importantly, the portable filtration system allows hydraulic systems to operate continuously without the need for routine system checks thereby dramatically reducing costly downtime.

Keep It Clean

The environmentally friendly range of Parfit interchangeable hydraulic elements allows users to source all their element requirements from one single, high quality supply, while reducing the number of replacement elements required, thereby allowing costs to be reduced dramatically. Ideal for use in a wide range of applications including industrial test rigs, aircraft ground support equipment, industrial and mobile equipment, steel mills and paper mills. The Parfit elements allow the removal of only the blocked filter media pack, which can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, as opposed to the disposal of metal housing components, which present a disposal problem, as is the case for conventional filter elements. Indeed, the metal housing components in the Parfit elements are retained and ready for immediate re-use.

In addition, Parfit elements have undergone extensive filter element performance testing and have proved to offer equivalent and, in many cases, better contamination control and extended product life by comparison with traditional filter elements. The ideal Parfit elements for a specific filtration unit can be selected quickly and easily from the new online Parfit Interchangeable Element Selector;

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