Fibre-laser cutting of brass, copper and bronze

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Aluminium, copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel with a mirror polish. What do these metals have in common? First, they are all known as ‘exotic’ metals that are used in a wide variety of industries. They are also highly reflective materials that present a challenge to fabricators who use lasers to process these metals.

Traditional CO2 laser technology uses mirrors to generate the laser beam, and the reflection caused with ‘exotic’ materials can lead to issues with cut quality, and damage to highly expensive laser equipment.

Thanks to fibre laser technology we are now delighted to be offer laser cutting of brass, copper, and bronze.

Fibre lasers offer a cost-effective and fast method of cutting thin sheets of reflective material.  As their name suggests, fibre lasers use fibre-optic cables rather than traditional CO2 lasers that use gas and mirrors to generate a laser beam. Creation of the light beam is 200 per cent more efficient than via a traditional CO2 laser.

As there are no mirrors, the reflective nature of aluminium, brass, and copper pose little danger to equipment, meaning it is safer and quicker to set up.

The popularity of laser-cutting exotic materials is on the increase for architectural, decorative, fit-out, and electronic purposes alike.