Thales and STC launch simulator


and Finland’s STC have launched the BUS3000 bus and coach-driving simulator, which is expected to save fuel and minimise pollution by reducing the number of training vehicles on the roads

The first simulator – which will consume six tonnes of oil equivalent (toe) per year, compared with 64 toe for a training vehicle – will be delivered to the Danish training organisation TSU in the autumn of 2008.

According to Thales, BUS3000 meets the requirements of European directive EU 2003-59, which applies to all coach, bus and truck drivers throughout the European community. As well as obtaining the relevant driving licenses, initial training for beginners and continuing training for experienced drivers will be mandatory in these categories of professional drivers when the directive comes into effect.

‘With 500,000 drivers requiring training every year, BUS3000 will help meet current requirements at the same time as responding to future mandatory training needs,’ said Chris Gane. VP Training & Simulation, Thales. ‘It overcomes the shortage of qualified driving instructors, guarantees completely safe training to reduce the risk of accidents on the road, as well as responding to environmental concerns by reducing fuel consumption and pollution. As a result, the concept represents the best training opportunity for major passenger transport operators today.’

‘The alliance between Thales and STC draws on the complementary expertise of the two companies and offers customers a simulation solution building on proven TRUST3000 technology,’ added Gane.

Elements of TRUST3000 that have been incorporated into BUS3000 include the visual database, the exercise creation tool, the user interface and the automatic assessment tool.

Helsinki-based STC has already developed and delivered three bus-driving simulators for customers in Belgium and Finland. For the BUS3000 project, the company contributed its knowledge of bus and coach driver training, and its expertise in designing and manufacturing simulator cabs and associated software developments.