Cavity monitoring system for use in mining operations

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cavity monitoring system

The latest version of Void Scanner is the first cavity monitoring scanner (CMS) to be fully developed, engineered and manufactured under the Renishaw brand.

First launched in 2008, Void Scanner is a high-speed, low-cost CMS used in the mining and civil engineering industries to produce fast, accurate 3D laser scans of voids where access is limited, dangerous or prohibited.

The product’s specialist ruggedised design helps Void Scanner operators to solve underground surveying challenges quickly and at low cost. Improvements to the Void Scanner system include better internal gearings, which has enhanced point cloud quality and surfacing, leading to improved data accuracy for better on-site decision making, despite challenging locations.

Void Scanner's Cavity Profiler – VS software has also been improved to offer greater functionality, including multi-station project capabilities. This means that the software will enable users to scan from multiple locations and view the resulting scans together in real time for a complete 3D representation of the site.

Renishaw has also released a new optional Wi-Fi Box accessory for use with the new Void Scanner. Wireless communication enables the operator to control the laser scanner and send scan data from a safe location over distances up to 50m.