Specialist hinges for enclosures, electrical cabinets and machine builders

Rencol Components has extended its range of enclosure hardware with 4 new types of hinges specifically designed for enclosures, machinery, and electrical cabinets.

Most enclosures and industrial cabinets are fabricated from bent, formed and welded sheet metal. Rencol’s new hinges are designed to complement this construction method by offering several unique features which improve security, reliability, and aesthetics.

Rencol calls its new hinges ‘concealed hinges’. Rather than traditional enclosure hinges, which are mounted externally, concealed hinges are mounted between the enclosure door and cabinet. Typically, the enclosure door will have a short edge which is at right angles to the door, effectively concealing the hinges from the exterior environment. This concealed mounting shields the hinges from tampering, improving security, and protecting the hinge from moisture and contaminants, extending service life and reducing maintenance.

Rencol has identified that many enclosure builders benefit from a hinge which allows the door to be easily removed. Removing the door improves access for maintenance of the enclosure and hinges. Furthermore, removable hinges make replacing or repairing the door much easier and less time consuming.

Rencol has written a guide to enclosure hinges to help design engineers and fabricators select the ideal hinge for their application. The guide covers material choice, mounting types, mounting hardware, and specialist features such as detents, removable hinges, and friction hinges.  

Rencol holds large stocks in the UK, with typical MOQs of just two pieces. CAD engineers will find 3D drawings on their website.