Register now for our free April 7th session exploring how to align design intent and the product development process. Featuring speakers from Bentley Motors, CMR Surgical, QRA Corp, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult and WSP.


At a time of rapid technological change, product development is often a fast, furious and unforgiving process. And with an estimated 83 per cent of all product defects introduced at the earliest stages of a project it’s perhaps never been more critical to ensure the original design intent and the product development process are aligned right from the start.

Errors and misalignments entering the product development process at the start can compound and become amplified over time, and for engineering organisations in all sectors the adoption of practices that mitigate these risks before they come to fruition is essential.

In this online panel session, held in partnership with QRA, we will bring together a panel of experts from across a range of different sectors and organisations to explore some of the techniques, technologies and processes that engineers are using to address this challenge, to mitigate risks and errors before they have a chance to create problems further down the line, and to ensure that product intent and the product development process are aligned.

Meet the panel

  • Jordan Kyriakidis  - Co-founder & CEO, QRA Corp
  • Luke Hares – Founder and CTO, CMR Surgical
  • Alex Louden, Senior Technology Acceleration Manager – Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult
  • Conor McCarthy – Associate Director, WSP in the UK
  • Simon Blake - Director of Products and Concepts, Bentley Motors